Degrees Of Deception!

Author Kimberly Thacker Webb spins a tale of fiction with a thin veil separating it from possibilities of becoming a reality. A story of will and choices, most importantly of consequences, awaits readers as they join the story’s main character as she unravels and breaks free from the varying Degrees of Deception.


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Kimberly Thacker Webb

Kimberly Thacker Webb, a native of Dallas, Texas is a graduate of Howard University and Texas Wesleyan School of Law. In addition to developing a successful corporate career, Kimberly has also become an accomplished author and a powerful speaker who leaves an indelible mark on all those who come in contact with her.

Degrees of Deception is Kimberly’s debut novel and series; however she is not a newcomer to the writing scene. She published her first non-fiction book entitled The Making of the Joyful Mother as well as being a contributing writer for the Dallas Morning News and

Kimberly and her husband, reside in the Dallas area with their two children.